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The client has the right to open one or more deposits at their discretion
and transfer funds to the account in the system in any way available on
the website.
The client can open only one account per the user’s name, IP address, email and e­wallet more than one account will resolve to blocking all
The client is responsible for the security and proper use of his/her password and Bull tradings account.


Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between Bull
tradings and its client.
The client has the discretion on choose any of the e­currencies available
for deposit in the system.
Accrual of interest on the investment is calculated and credited to clients
account at the end of investment term for “after” investment plans and
daily on “daily” investment plans.
The interest rate depends on the amount of investment, investment plan
and deposit terms.


Bull tradimgs accepts individuals aged 18 and above.
You agree with the terms and conditions being a client of Bull tradings
The current rules can be changed at the initiative of the project management. In this case, the changes take effect immediately after they
are published on the company’s website.
All changes, address or updates both in these rules and in all sections of
the website are accepted by the client automatically, if, at the time of such
updates, change or additions, the client continued to use the website.